Whether you have been an Ostomate or you are a new Ostomate, the life changing situation of becoming an Ostomate can be overwhelming. All of our products are designed by an Ostomate who has experienced everything you are going through firsthand. The rather demeaning methods to clean the pouches prompted Ken to design a totally new concept in Ostomy pouches. The EZ-Clean pouches contain a manifold within the pouch, that when connected to our water feed system, cleans the pouch without the need to remove the pouch all while sitting on the toilet. It is the closest method to normal elimination offered in the marketplace today! Give EZ-Clean Products a try and get some normalcy back and regain your life.


1. How do I purchase products?

It is quite simple. Place your cursor at the top navigation bar. Hover over "catalog". You will see a drop down box of products offered. Click on the desired category or choose complete EZ-Clean Product Line. Choose product and click on it. You will be taken to our shopping cart. All transactions are secure and safe and your information is not saved on our server. You can puchase with PayPal or major credit cards.


2. Why should I try EZ-Clean Ostomy Products?

They allow you to clean your pouch without having to remove the pouch and while sitting on your toilet and never touch any content of the pouch. The process is quick, easy and clean. 


3. Are EZ-Clean Pouches expensive?

Normally, Ostomates using conventional pouches, remove the pouch or try a rather demeaning method of cleaning the pouch. This requires replacement of the pouch. This can amount to many pouches per day. Since EZ-Clean Pouches are designed to be used with our water power feed system, the pouches don't need to be removed, are easily cleaned and are able to be used for 3-5 days. This is an important factor when considering the economic feasibility of using our products. Just do the math and you will see that our products rival competitor pricing while providing life changing benefits.


4. Do you offer everything needed for Ostomates?

Yes, EZ-Clean  offers a complete line of products for both ileostomy and colostomy. Just check out the catalog button to see our complete line of EZ-Clean Ostomy Products.


5. What is "Create an Account" on top of page?

This allows you to create an account with us to make it easier for you when returning to purchase additional products. This information allows you to create a username and password which is stored on the shopping cart secured server. When returning, you simply login and purchase product quickly and easily.